Grass Roots Resilience, Security Governance, and Urbanism in Latin American Violent Cities

Project Members

Dr. Marie-Louise Glebbeek
Assistant Professor
Prof. Dr. Kees Koonings
Kees Koonings has been assistant professor from 1987-2000 and associate professor from 2001-2021 in the Department of Anthropology at Utrecht University. In 2021 he has been appointed Professor of Anthropology of Development and Conflict in the same department. He has... Read more
Chiara Lampis Temmink
Student Assistant
Chiara is an interdisciplinary anthropologist, currently obtaining her MSc. Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship at Utrecht University. Her areas of interest are environmental degradation, (chemical) pollution, the climate crisis, increasing inequality, and conflict resolution, especially from a feminist and decolonial perspective.
Karla Lopez
Local Research Collaborator
Prof. Dr. Martijn Oosterbaan
Martijn Oosterbaan studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. He acquired his PhD at the Amsterdam School of Social science Research, University of Amsterdam. While finishing his dissertation he obtained a Postdoc position at the Faculty of Philosophy, University... Read more
Mr. Sebastian Ritschard
PhD Candidate
Sebastian Ritschard has a BA in Anthropology from Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá) and an MA in Applied Ethics from Utrecht University. He has been working on various field research projects on conflict, education and peace in Colombia, a.o. for... Read more